Ivan Rodero

Here are two designs by Ivan Rodero that particularly interested me.

It wasn’t until after I had had a good look at this design before I discovered it’s title, and to give you the same pleasure I’ve buried it a little further down.

I think the grey and faded magenta go excellently, the shades cleverly chosen so that neither is on top of the other. I’m not so sure I agree with the yellow for the cheese, but then again, what other colour could it be?

Well, okay, I can’t say much more without letting you know the title ‘I’ve been thinking about you‘ and of course I’m sure you will have noticed each silhouette contains within their head what it is they are thinking about. It is interesting to note that the two humans are thinking about something they find cute, where the animals are just thinking about their next meal! It says something wonderful about how we are set apart from other species.

This one My ForestI found rather more amusing, the smugness portrayed on the bears head is very amusing (and requiring a certain talent to show it through just an outline). Although looking more closely it is indeed quite macabre, the man having eaten his dog, and the dog having eaten a poor baby. And what is in the bears hand? Perhaps I need to spend some time in an Argentinian forest to properly understand and count myself lucky that nothing is going to try to eat me here in the UK.

Please do take a look at Ivan’s other work here.

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