Corrie White

Corrie White expertly captures these beautiful miniature water drop images, amazing sculptures lasting a fraction of a second.

The results are unbelievable shapes, I think a contributing factor to their beauty is that they are defined by nature and that they are each wholly unique.

Corrie adds to the fascination with the introduction of colours. For this image ‘Liquid Flowers’ she says “This is a first for multiple exposure water drops. This is shot in one frame. This effect is achieved by holding down the dropper button while the shutter is open for two seconds. The drops are falling in the same spot, but I am panning the camera as they are falling, to get them all in one frame.”

I really like this daffodil, part of what makes art special is to be able to see things in a different way and through different mediums, adding the bright yellow makes this splash instantly recognisable as something else.

As a British citizen myself I felt compelled to include ‘Tea With Milk‘ Corrie’s “honour to the British made with real tea.

I really love this succulent glowing mushroom, it wouldn’t look out of place growing from a lake in a magical forest.

The above are a couple more of my favourites, view the full gallery on Corrie’s website.

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