Fabian Oefner

What better way to start an art and design blog than a look at the work of Fabian Oefner? His photography, often absracts, seem to capture a moment in time.

Fabian creates these wonderful images by dipping watercolours into a black magnetic liquid called Ferrofluid. The interference of the magnetic field below creates these wonderful patterns dividing up the brilliant pastel colours into little cells.

Next up is an image from his project ‘Outer Space in Studio’ by layering long exposure images of fibre optic lamps Oefner creates wonderful constellations.

“What seems to be a cotton blossom at first sight, is a very short-lived structure in reality. it is a bursting ballon filled with corn starch. for a tiny amount of time, the starch still keeps the shape of the balloon, forming this blossom-like structure, before it collapses. Says Fabian on his website.

Parting from his normal work of photography comes this pleasing digital scene ‘The Tree of Life’.

And finally, this fun image of a coca-cola can being shot with an air gun, a clever set up took the photo on hearing the sound of the gunshot.

I hope you have enjoyed my first post. You can find more of Fabian’s work on his website, plus look out for his photographs of bubbles in my post on bubbles coming soon…

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